GRADE 5 2019-2020 SUPPLY LIST.pdf 

Grade 6 2019-2020 SUPPLY LIST.pdf    


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Summer 2019

 Dear Families of the 5-6 Academy for Excellence,

The supply lists for Grades 5 and 6 are posted above.  There are many things coming up on the 2019 - 2020 school calendar, so please communicate with your child and refer to the district calendar for important dates, such as concerts, days off and other school events.   Also, please see up-to-date-information under our“Barr Happenings”   located on our 5-6 Academy home page.

Remember summer  is a great time to take your books outside. The library has many choices to meet your interest needs, and as a reference for your favorite sport or other outdoor activity, you can also search specific topics through KidBiz.   Your continued support as a partner in your child’s education is critical to their success.    It is your interest in their homework,  your kind words when they feel frustrated,  and your ongoing communication with teachers that make a difference.

Enjoy the rest of your summer and I look forward to a great 2019 - 2020 school year!

Let’s keep the positive energy together,

Anne Chen


6th Grade Parent Presentation Middle School Course Pathways.ppt